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The 12 week Familia Adelante program for at-risk youth has been studied extensively and has demonstrated to:

• Increase academic performance

• Improve school attendance

• Reduce substance abuse

• Reduce high risk behaviors

• Increase communication among family members

• Decrease acculturative stress

Study 1:

Familia Adelante was initially tested with middle school aged youth with behavioral problems in a Southern California

community (Cervantes 1993). Results from the initial study revealed the following outcomes:

• Screening of high-risk youth through a collaborative effort between project staff and school-based personnel (Glendale

Unified School district) is possible.

• Program content which is provided in Spanish for parents, and is culturally-responsive appears to be an acceptable form of

prevention/intervention for high-risk Hispanic families.

• The use of bilingual outreach personnel allows for tracking and retention of high-risk families.

• The use of bilingual outreach personnel allows for tracking and retention of high-risk families.

• Over 75% of participating families completed the twelve-week prevention program.

• Participating youth were noted to improve in terms of self-esteem, school performance, and overall conduct as reported by


Study 2:

In a more recent study of 150 families who received Familia Adelante (Cervantes, Goldbach & Santos, 2011) Findings


Communication and perception of substance use harm were significantly enhanced

Social norms regarding sexual behavior and HIV risk perception were improved

30 day past marijuana use and other illicit drug use were significantly reduced

Study 3:

Changes in Acculturative Stress by Family Nativity

In a study examining the effectiveness of Familia Adelante among immigrant and non-immigrant families the program was found most effective in families with immigrant parent and child. Among these families acculturation stress was reduced, family support was increased, and perceived harm from substance use increased more so than in families with a U.S. born child. Familia Adelante Enhancing Youth and Family Life Skills