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Familia Adelante Training

On-Site Training and Certification Pricing Schedule Revised December, 2020 Behavioral Assessment, Inc. (BAI) offers on-site training and certification for those organizations interested in adopting Familia Adelante as a prevention/early intervention program model. We offer ongoing organizational and individual team based trainings. Para professional (e.g. Promotores) and more experienced behavioral health professions are invited to attend FA training and certification. PRICING Organizational trainings can be provided locally for up to 30 individuals for $7,500, excluding trainer travel and expenses. If multiple organizations will be trained at the same time, we recommend a minimum of 4 and up to 10 staff from any one agency to be trained in this group training format. The following list provides a breakdown of pricing that does not includes travel for 2 FA Master training facilitators. TRAINING PER SITE- INCLUDES Facilitator Program Manuals - English and Spanish versions (Parent and Youth) for up to 10 facilitators; 2 full days of on-site training; Certification Letter for trained facilitators One pre and up to four post training coaching web meetings; Suggested evaluation tools and methodology; 24/7 Technical Assistance during 1 st local Cycle Implementation; ADDITIONAL MATERIAL AND CERTIFICATION COSTS Facilitator travel for 2 trainers; To be arranged with training coordinator Additional Facilitator Parent and Youth Manuals; (Optional $150) Youth Workbooks (Required; $75 package of 10) Evaluation Implementation Technical Assistance for first cohort (Optional; $3,500 includes SPSS data base and codebooks). Annual Re-Certification 2 Hour Webinar (Required; $125 per person). Also note that your organization will need to provide a place or facility where the training can be conducted, as well as basic A/V setup. Our Staff would be happy to discuss the FA training in more detail and can provide a Free Introductory Webinar for your site as needed. Feel free to contact Clarissa Cervantes, Training Coordinator, at (fam.adelante@gmail.com) to register and arrange a training event.
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